Imagine coming home & hearing your child singing along to their favorite song at the top of their lungs. As you sneakily open the door to their room you find them decked out with sunglasses & rocking an air guitar in the mirror as they live out their rockstar daydream.

Our bands for 8-11 yr olds makes those rockstar daydreams come true!

All kids love music, but not all kids love music lessons. Regular music lessons can be boring for a lot of kids, but not if they’re playing in a band! This unique program gets kids making music & playing in a real rock band on day one. 

Here’s what parents are saying about us:

I cannot say enough good things about Vernal Rock Academy. They are so unbelievably patient with young kiddos and are always mindful to remind the kids how well they did that day at practice. It is teaching my son responsibility and what it means to be a part of a team. My son loves Fridays when he gets to go to guitar practice.

Erin S.

…My son has learned and grown SO much. He has made lasting friendships with people he looks up to and truly admires, and thinks of as mentors and people he can count on. They’ve been a support for him not only in guitar, but in life, by being a listening ear and encouraging him to do his best in all things. He looks forward to going every week, and I love hearing what he’s learning and the confidence it’s given him…

John Doe

Aubrey C.

My son has been attending Vernal Rock Academy for just a few months and I am so impressed and excited how much he’s learned in such a short time. He asks me every day if he gets to go to music class. It makes me so happy to see his love of music fulfilled in a fun and engaging way!

Madeline P.

My son loves the Vernal Rock Academy! They are very professional and they let the kids have fun! Great place!

Crystal B.

My daughter loves the band aspect especially- learning to play several new instruments.

Brittany Y.


Your child will learn how to play guitar, drums, piano, bass, songwriting, & sing as the band prepares for playing & singing in real rock concerts!

Our bands for kids 8-11 allows kids to experience the thrill of playing music in a band and making new friends from day one. Your child will experience a feeling of success and accomplishment right away that will make their confidence soar.

Your child will fall in love with music & feel good about learning & playing because we make it fun & easy.

All great accomplishments start with a dream & we’ll help your child get there. Come join the band today!